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Why Won’t My Heat Pump in Score Depot, WV, Stop Running?

March 12, 2022

Will the heat pump in your Score Depot, WV, home not stop running? In most cases, a malfunctioning heat pump is quite easy to troubleshoot. Here are three most common reasons a heat pump won’t turn off and what to do about each:

Refrigerant is Leaking

Most heat pumps use some kind of refrigerant to move thermal energy from the outside of your home to the inside. If this refrigerant starts leaking, the heat pump starts requiring more energy to achieve a normal level of performance. To compensate for the leak, the pump starts running all of the time.

Your Heat Pump is Too Small

This problem is common among homeowners who rely on DIY installation methods instead of using experienced HVAC professionals. To properly size a heat pump, you’ll need to consider the total square footage of your home, the quality of your home’s insulation and several other factors. If you install a heat pump that’s too small, it’ll attempt to run all day and night in an effort to compensate for its lack of power.

Heat Pump’s Solenoid Valve Has Issues

When a heat pump is functioning properly, it can go back and forth between heating and cooling modes by switching the direction that the refrigerant flows. However, issues with the solenoid valve can cause your heat pump to get stuck in AC mode. When stuck in AC mode, the heat pump will keep running without ever producing a comfortable temperature in your home.

Are you having problems with your heat pump or another part of your home’s HVAC system? For expert heat pump repair services in Score Depot, WV and the surrounding areas, contact us at E.J Thompson & Son to schedule your appointment today! We look forward to assisting with your home comfort.

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