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Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump in Cross Lanes, WV

November 26, 2020

Heat pumps can transfer three times as much energy as they consume. However, repairing them when something goes wrong isn’t always the best course of action. Before deciding to repair or replace your heat pump in Cross Lanes, WV, compare the costs, consider its age and think about your energy bills.

Compare Repair and Replacement Costs

If the cost of repairing your heat pump is 50% the cost of replacement, it’s more cost-effective to replace it. This is especially important if your system is old. A well-maintained unit lasts around 10–15 years.

Consider the Age of Your Heat Pump

Once your heat pump has reached its expected lifespan of 10–15 years, it’s a good idea to replace it. Old HVAC systems of all types are at a higher risk of breakdowns and inefficiency. Therefore, it’s vital that you schedule regular maintenance to make sure yours operates as it should for as long as possible.

You may need frequent repairs to keep an old system going. Costly repairs are more likely with an old system because expensive parts like the heat exchanger don’t last forever.

Analyze Your Past and Recent Energy Bills

Assuming you change the air filter monthly and schedule bi-annual maintenance for your heat pump, your energy bills shouldn’t rise. If your energy bills are rising, you should contact a trusted heating repair company to check if repairs can resolve the problem.

We recommend repairing your HVAC system unless it’s past its prime. It’s normal for your heat pump and any other HVAC system to lose efficiency over time.

Repair your HVAC system if the cost of repairs is less than half the cost of replacement and it’s not antiquated. Contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC to discuss how much a heat pump replacement would cost for your home in Cross Lanes, WV. We’re standing by to make sure you maximize comfort and efficiency with the best system possible for your home.

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