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4 Signs Your AC System in Nitro, WV, Is Nearing a Breakdown

August 22, 2023

Air conditioners are a lifeline during the hot summer months, creating a comfortable indoor climate when the outdoor temperatures soar. However, the AC system in your Nitro, WV, home can sometimes fail, leading to discomfort and costly repair bills. Here are common signs of an impending AC breakdown:

Unusual Noises

AC systems generally operate with consistent low noise. If you start hearing unusual sounds like grinding, rattling, buzzing or squeaking, it could indicate a problem. These noises can be due to loose parts, motor issues or refrigerant leaks, all of which signal that your AC system is on the brink of a breakdown.

Decreased Cooling Efficiency

If you notice your air conditioner isn’t cooling as effectively as before, or if it’s taking longer to reach the desired temperature, this could signal an impending AC failure. This could be due to a number of issues, such as low refrigerant levels, a clogged filter or problems with the compressor. In any case, decreased efficiency suggests that your system is struggling, and it’s time to schedule HVAC maintenance with our service technicians.

Frequent Air Conditioning Cycles

Your air conditioner should go through relatively consistent cooling cycles, even on the hottest days. If the AC system is constantly cycling on and off, or it’s struggling to maintain a consistent temperature, it could be warning of an impending breakdown. Frequent cycles can put undue stress on your air conditioner, leading to more severe problems, such as wear and tear of system components.

Bad Odors

AC systems should produce odorless air, so if you notice a pungent or burning smell coming from your air conditioner, it’s a clear sign of trouble. Bad smells can result from burnt-out wire insulation, biological growth or even a dead animal in the system. An HVAC expert can address such issues immediately to prevent further damage and potential health hazards.

Contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC for your AC repair needs in Nitro, WV. Our well-trained service technicians will expertly diagnose and repair any AC issues you may be experiencing.

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