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Why Do Furnaces Overheat in Poca, WV?

January 21, 2024

While furnaces produce substantial heat, it’s possible they’ll produce too much, causing them to overheat. The risks, especially for repeated occurrences, include cracking the heat exchanger and damaging other components. Here’s why furnaces overheat and what you can do to prevent your furnace in Poca, WV, from overheating this winter.

Restricted Airflow

Without the proper airflow, the heat a furnace produces gets trapped and builds up inside the HVAC system. As a result, the system may exceed the recommended operating range, risking substantial damage.

Common sources of restricted airflow through the system include dirty air filters and closed or blocked supply vents. To prevent this, keep all vents open and change your filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Neglected Furnace Maintenance

Neglected routine furnace maintenance is another major cause of overheating. Tiny contaminants may get through your filter, while larger ones may enter through leaks in your system. These will settle in your system, slowly building up on areas that will eventually inhibit airflow and heat transfer.

During an annual maintenance visit, a service technician will clean these sensitive areas so that your air can circulate effectively. They’ll also check for loose electrical connections that can cause increased resistance and additional heat in your furnace.

Faulty Parts

Faulty parts can contribute to an overheating furnace by producing excess heat. Malfunctioning sensors prohibit your furnace from detecting the temperature accurately, which can lead to overheating. Your system has several sensors that need to be in good working condition to monitor its performance and keep it operating safely.

Parts like the circulating fan motor can create additional heat and inhibit air circulation when broken. A faulty high-temperature limit switch may also contribute to an overheating furnace. If it isn’t registering the proper temperature, it may not shut down the system when too much heat builds up.

Your furnace can sustain damage if you don’t ask a professional to resolve the problem of repeated overheating. Call to schedule a furnace repair visit with one of our expert service technicians at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC in Poca, WV.

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