Boiler Leaking

Why is My Boiler in Cross Lanes, WV, Leaking Water?

December 12, 2021

Pools of water around the boiler can be an indication of system malfunctions. In this article, we explore why your boiler in Cross Lanes, WV, is leaking.

Defective Boiler Pressure Valve

The operating hot water pressure in the United States is around 20 psi. Your boiler could be leaking water to release excess pressure through the outlet pipe. If you notice small amounts of water, there’s usually no cause for alarm.

Large amounts of water could be a sign of pressure problems. You may have a defective pressure or temperature valve. Examine the boiler’s gauge, and if it points to red, contact a boiler repair professional for assistance.

Defective Boiler Seal

Your boiler has rubber seals that can weaken after years of expansion and contraction from the heat. Rusting around your system may cause the seal to harden and break. Fortunately, you can address the leakage by replacing the seal.

Corrosion on Tanks and Pipes

With time, water can cause corrosion on parts of your boiler. Corrosion can weaken piping joints, triggering leaks within your system.

If you spot signs of corrosion on the tanks and piping, it’s advisable to schedule professional repairs promptly. Otherwise, your equipment will disintegrate rapidly, eventually causing system failure.

Faulty Heat Exchanger

The purpose of the heat exchanger is to transfer heat energy from the gas to the cold water in the boiler. When there are cracks, water can flow out of the adjacent pipe. Corrosion and limescale buildup is often responsible for the deterioration of the heat exchanger.

A cracked heat exchanger can allow toxic fumes to escape into your home. Unfortunately, defects on the heat exchanger can be hard to spot for the untrained eye. You can contact our heating repair team if you suspect issues in your system.

Some boiler issues could also be the result of substandard installations. Improper fitting of joints and seals can cause faults and make your system unsafe. You can rely on E.J. Thompson & Son LLC’s boiler service team to install, repair and maintain your system to a high standard.

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