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4 Things you Should Never Put Down Your Kitchen or Bathroom Drain

May 9, 2022

Sewer backups are a nuisance and can lead to health hazards in your home. One way to prevent recurring drain clogs is by watching what you flush down the toilet. Here are four things you should never put down your kitchen or bathroom drain in Cross Lanes, WV:

Grease and Fats

Fat and grease are among the most problematic items you can flush down the drain. Some reports suggest fats account for 71% of sewer blockages in cities.

When you flush grease down the drain, it’ll solidify and bind with other debris such as eggshells. It creates a sticky substance that coats the inside of the pipes, causing clogging. Collect the grease in a disposable container and throw it in the trash.

Cotton Balls and Paper Towels

While cotton balls and paper towels are biodegradable, they don’t break down like regular toilet paper. Paper towels absorb a lot of water and tend to expand when wet.

Regular tissue paper only takes a few minutes to disintegrate completely. On the other hand, cotton balls and paper towels can take up to one week to dissolve.


Eggshells may seem harmless, but they can wreak havoc if your drain also has fats and grease. The tiny bits of eggshells mix with oils to form more stubborn clogs in your drainage. Rather than flushing it down the toilet, dispose of it in the trash.

Latex and Oil Paints

Pouring leftover paint down the drain can coat the pipe’s interior wall. It may also generate fumes in the drainage that can emerge from other sinks or piping in your home. Let the paint dry and dispose of it in the garbage.

You can prevent clogging and leaks by taking care of your plumbing system. Avoid using chemical cleaners to clear blockages. Consider calling E.J. Thompson & Son LLC for plumbing installations or re-piping today.

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