Discussing Water Heater Options

4 Things to Consider for a New Water Heater in Cross Lanes, WV

January 6, 2023

It’s easy to take your home’s hot water supply for granted. But when the time comes for a new water heating system, there are some important things to consider first. Here are four critical considerations for buying a new water heater in Cross Lanes, WV.

Consider the Fuel Source

When you shop for a new water heating system for your home, you’ll want one that keeps your operating costs low. That means you should think about the fuel source your prospective new water heater uses. You need to select one with a fuel source available in your home that won’t create higher bills.

Think About Capacity

Not every home uses as much hot water as the next, so multiple water heater capacities are available. You should consider your usage when purchasing a water heater that meets your home’s needs. Otherwise, you might face years of unexpectedly cold showers with no easy way to solve the problem.

Look for Maximum Efficiency

The type of fuel a water heating system uses isn’t the only factor in its operating costs. How the water heating system uses its fuel matters, too. That’s why you’ll want to select a water heater that’s as efficient as possible to avoid wasted energy.

Make Sure You Have Space

Buying a new water heating system provides a rare opportunity to upgrade capacity in homes that need to do so. A larger water heater might not fit in the space you have available or might require plumbing alterations. Therefore, be certain to select a water heating system that fits in your home or research an on-demand model instead. Tankless water heaters are worth consideration.

When the time comes, turn to our expert plumbing team for your new water heating system. We’ll help you choose the perfect model and install it in your home with minimal disruption. Contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC. today to ask about our water heater installation services. We specialize in energy-efficient tankless water heating system installations.

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