Heat Pump Repair

4 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in Poca, WV

March 14, 2023

Heat pump breakdowns are unavoidable. It may be unclear when you need to call a service technician for repairs. These are a few indicators that show your heat pump needs repair services in Poca, WV.

Excessive Noise

Heat pumps produce unusual noises when they have a problem. Some common sounds you may encounter include banging, buzzing, grinding, hissing and gurgling.

Banging sounds occur if there is a loose component hitting against other parts. If not addressed early enough, the component may damage other parts.

Grinding occurs when there is friction between moving parts, and buzzing is common when there’s an electrical problem. Refrigerant leaks will cause gurgling and hissing noises.

High Energy Bills

If you have been recently paying higher energy bills than usual, your heat pump is one of the most likely factors to cause this change. Refrigerant leaks, dirty outdoor components and leaky ducts can increase your heat pump energy consumption.


A short-cycling heat pump doesn’t complete a temperature regulation cycle. Instead, it turns on and off more times than it should.

Short-cycling inhibits even temperature distribution. Thermostat issues, refrigerant leaks and a faulty compressor can make your heat pump short cycle.

Running Constantly

Heat pumps work in cycles while regulating your indoor temperatures. These cycles last between 10-20 minutes. Therefore, a heat pump running nonstop indicates an underlying problem requiring a service technician’s attention.

Issues that cause your heat pump to run constantly include refrigerant leaks, a faulty outdoor unit and leaky ducts. While you may want to repair your system by yourself to save, it’s not a wise move.

From experience and skills to tools and equipment, we have everything it takes to resolve your HVAC headaches. Contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC for heat pump services when you detect something unusual about your system in Poca, WV.

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