Heating Maintenance

Schedule Heating Maintenance in Early Fall to Enjoy These Benefits

September 24, 2020

As the outdoor temperature cools in Cross Lanes, WV, you’ll start to operate your heater during the fall months. Ensuring your furnace or heat pump is in good condition is vital to maximizing heating efficiency and energy savings. Read on to learn the benefits of scheduling heating maintenance as early in the fall as possible.

Enjoy Lower Heating Bills This Winter

To maximize every energy dollar you spend to heat your home, you must take care of your furnace or heat pump. Otherwise, your heating system will strain itself to heat your home to your desired temperature. By scheduling heating maintenance in the early fall, you’ll ensure your heater’s components are clean and operating as they should.

Reduce the Risk of Requiring a Heater Repair

A heating system that struggles to heat your home will eventually break down. During a heating maintenance service, your service technician can find and fix any developing issues on the spot. As a result, you’ll avoid a breakdown in the middle of winter and a costly repair. Repairing small issues now will help prevent major replacements later.

Extend Your Heater’s Lifespan

A furnace or heat pump that endures fewer repairs will last longer. You might think of heating maintenance as an avoidable expense. But the cost of scheduling the service now offsets what you’ll pay in repairs and replacements in the future. Our team can also offer tips on making sure you get the most out of your heater for as long as possible.

Sign Up for Our Peace of Mind Preventive Agreement

Remembering to schedule heating maintenance is easy when you sign up for our Peace of Mind Preventive Agreement, which includes priority status, discounts on repairs, no overtime fees and warranties. Contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC to learn more. We look forward to making sure your family stays warm this winter without worry.

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