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How Will a Failing Thermocouple Affect Your Heater in Cross Lanes, WV?

February 11, 2021

Snowfall, high winds and below-freezing temperatures in Cross Lanes, WV, require your home furnace to be in prime condition. To keep everything working throughout the spine-tingling winter, keep a constant eye on the thermocouple. If you’re not sure how a thermocouple affects your heater, read on to learn more.

What’s a Thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a critical part of the heating system, enabling it to measure the temperature. One of the most important roles of the thermocouple is to detect the burner. If there’s a problem with the thermocouple, you won’t be able to detect if the burner is lit or it went out.

The thermocouple also acts as a safety guard. Without a properly working thermocouple, the gas valve may remain open without lighting a burner. Under these conditions, dangerous carbon monoxide can leak, creating a serious health hazard.

When Do You Need to Replace a Thermocouple?

As with other parts of a heating system, it’s important to replace the thermocouple before it gets too old. A trained HVAC service technician can advise you if the thermocouple needs replacement and if they can change it during routine maintenance whenever necessary.

Symptoms of a Failing Thermocouple

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the thermocouple so you can replace it before it fails. During a routine maintenance call, the HVAC service technician will usually look for these issues that signal trouble:

  • Discoloration, rust and cracks on the unit and connected wires.
  • Corrosion, missing insulation and bare wires.
  • Faulty connectors that can cause problems with the test readings.

A thermocouple is a sensitive device that only an expert should handle. If you need help with a failing thermocouple or any other HVAC service, call our team at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC. Our family-owned company has served the Cross Lanes, WV, area faithfully since 1949.

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