Puzzled By Leaking Water Heater

4 Dangers of a Leaking Water Heater in Milton, WV

March 4, 2021

Homeowners in Milton, WV, don’t often give much thought to their water heater. However, you’re unlikely to think of much else but the hit to your comfort and convenience when your water heater begins to leak. Your family’s comfort and safety are priorities. Here are four dangers a leaking water heater can present to you and your home:

Possible Explosions

The pressure release valve is the water heater component responsible for releasing excess water from the system once pressure begins to build. Several factors can cause the release valve to malfunction, and a continued buildup of pressure within the tank can lead to an explosion.

Bad Water

Some water heater leaks result from rust buildup in pipes. This rust and the accompanying bacteria can find their way into your home water supply. Ingesting these substances can cause the members of your household to become ill.

Damaged Property

The water that escapes from your water heater can damage the wall and floor areas close to the unit. If this water travels to the foundation, it can threaten the structural integrity of the house. You should monitor the area around your water heater closely for leakage and wipe any areas dry when water begins to accumulate.

Heating Element

The heating element is essential to the function of your water heater. This component allows for the conversion of electrical energy to heat.

Some water heater leaks occur when a gasket attached to a heating element becomes damaged or broken. This problem requires the immediate attention of a plumber to avoid water heater damage. You should also run the water for a while before turning the power back on after repairs to prevent further damage to the heating element.

Many daily functions in your home depend on a properly working water heater. Call E.J. Thompson & Son LLC when you need plumbing repair services, including for a leaking water heater.

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