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Homeowners and business owners in the Charleston area value their comfort, so why would they trust just any heating contractor  during the winter? There is only one tried-and-true heating contractor in The Kanawha Valley, and that is E.J. Thompson & Son LLC. Since 1949, our staff has helped countless families and businesses achieve maximum comfort with our heating systems, particularly throughout the cold winter seasons. Over the past seven-plus decades, we have remained committed to the best heating system brands, and can find something for anyone. Simply tell one of our friendly staff members exactly what kind of heating system you would like, and we will find an exact match for your needs. To inquire about any of our heating systems, or for more information, call E.J. Thompson & Son LLC at (304) 776-2601.

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Heating systems come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Every home or business requires different levels of heating, depending on economic advantage, energy efficiency, and comfort preferences. Some of the heating system options we offer include heat pumps, boilers, gas furnaces, and geothermal systems. Regardless of your needs, our qualified staff can guide you in the right direction and make sure you end up with the heating system that will provide you and your family or coworkers with the exact comfort you want. We take pride in our high-quality services, heating system sales, installations, and repairs, as well as our other HVAC systems. We are proud to serve the Charleston area and other surrounding counties. Contact us for more information.

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Winter always seems to sneak up on families and business owners in the Charleston area. Do not wait until the last minute this year to make sure you have proper heating for your home and/or business. One call to the professionals at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC can make a difference in quality, price, and comfort this winter. Our heating system installation is carried out by qualified professionals, and we can repair most HVAC systems in a timely manner when you need them the most. Call today and find out what Charleston’s best heating system contractors can do for your home or business.

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