Choose Heat Pumps for Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps for Your Heating Needs in The Kanawha Valley

Finding a reliable method of heating your home is an important decision to make, and the area’s experienced HVAC professionals have an energy and cost-efficient product available. When considering heat pumps from E.J. Thompson & Son LLC, it is important to consider the benefits, including the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of heating your home using one of our products. During the winter months, heat pumps convert cold air into hot air and filter it throughout your home, keeping you warm on even the coldest days. Heat pumps also produce close to triple the heat for the amount of energy they use. Another reason to consider heat pumps is that they come in handy when you already own a gas furnace. These two heating options work together to make sure the most cost-efficient of the two options always operates when needed. For questions about heating your Charleston-area home with heat pumps from E.J. Thompson & Son, call us today at (304) 776-2601.

Heat Pumps for Cooling Your Home in the Charleston, WV, Area

While the name “heat pump” may suggest that its only use is to heat your home, heat pumps are also effective cooling products for the summer months. The same way heat pumps convert cold winter air to hot air and pump it throughout your house, heat pumps convert the hot summer air from outside into cold air to make sure your whole family finds comfort on brutally hot days. As a cooling system, heat pumps share the same environmental and economic advantages as they do for heating, and they make for an excellent HVAC source. Charleston-area residents choose heat pumps for their cooling needs, from the experienced cooling contractors at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC.

Contact Us About Heat Pumps in Kanawha, Cabell, and Putnam Counties

If you live in Kanawha, Cabell, or Putnam County, WV, or the surrounding areas, contact E.J. Thompson & Son LLC for information on heating and cooling your home with heat pumps. Heat pumps provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective option for your comfort, compared to other HVAC systems. Whether you look to stay cool during the hot summers or warm up during the brutal winters, heat pumps from E.J. Thompson & Son do the trick, while producing nearly three times as much heat as energy they use. Contact us for more information.

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