Professional Air Duct Installation & Repair for The Kanawha Valley

Air Duct Installation Services for the Charleston, WV, Area

If you are a homeowner in the Charleston, WV, area who values getting the most out of your HVAC system, choose the experienced staff at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC for your air duct installation. When deciding on the type of air ducts to purchase, as well as method of installation, consider the experience of the company you may hire. Since 1949, our staff has installed the finest air ducts in homes and businesses in The Kanawha Valley. We thoroughly examine our air ducts before installation to make sure your HVAC system functions at peak capability. This can save you or your business hundreds in repair costs. For any questions about our air duct installation services, or for more information on any of our other HVAC services, call today at (304) 776-2601.

When Do My HVAC Air Ducts Need Repair?

Certain signs that your HVAC air ducts need repair service exist, and identifying those signs can save you a substantial amount of money. The first sign that you may need air duct repair is an inconsistent temperature in your home, even when using one of your HVAC systems. This could possibly signal the need for minor adjustments to your air ducts, or it could potentially mean that a bigger issue has arisen. Another sign that your air ducts could be faulty is a significant rise in energy bills. If you notice an unprecedented rise in your energy bills, it could be due to leaks or holes in your air ducts. One call to the experienced professionals in the Charleston area, E.J. Thompson & Son LLC, can diagnose the issue and repair your air ducts quickly and efficiently. Contact our experienced staff today to inquire about our effective HVAC air duct repair services.

Quality Air Duct Installation & Repair in the Charleston, WV, Area

Charleston-area residents choose HVAC air duct installation and repair from the professionals at E.J. Thompson & Son LLC. Our HVAC contractors have served The Kanawha Valley region for over seven decades, and remain committed to the same quality service that has kept us in business over the years. Our qualified staff knows the importance of having effective air ducts, and the problems that faulty ones can pose for home and business owners. For routine HVAC air duct examinations, new duct system installation, or professional repairs, contact our friendly staff today and start saving money.

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